Boating Safety Devices are there to help mitigate, if not prevent injury from falls overboard or inadvertent engine startups....

We all drive cars with safety devices designed to protect us during an accident.  In fact, safety has become a "sales tool" for the auto industry.  In most cases, before we buy a new car, we look for devices that will provide protection for our families.  NOW, you can help protect your family, friends, staff and personnel on your boat as well.....................

Thanks to MOBAS “Man Over-Board Alarm System", everyone onboard can have falls overboard protection without the problems associated with physical tethers or proximity based devices. Each person, wears a small, durable, reusable transmitter allowing you freedom to move about the boat. Upon submersion of the transmitter, it will activate and transmits a Keelog Coded Signal to the onboard control module, which sounds an audible and visual alarm, immediately shutting down the motor(s). Someone remaining onboard may quickly activate the Rescue Mode, restart the motor and safely retrieve the person in the water. It’s that simple!

For ElectronicCountermeasures, the Air Force transmits White Noise to jam radio signals.  That can cause the lose of signal to the Receiver for Proximity Wireless Tethers, thus causing a false activation and stopping your motor.  The MOBAS loss of the signal while being jammed by White Noise transmitters, will not shutdown your motor.  The Keelog Security Coded Signal prevents the signal from being scanned and used to shut down your motor.  The Transmitter transmits the Keelog Security Coded Signal with the individual Transmitter Serial Number, {which is a one in a million number}, along with the code hoping technology, you can feel secure that your Unit can't be scanned and used against you nor can an outside transmission of white noise shut down your motors, unlike other wireless motor shutdown devices.

Maritech Industry provides the safety solutions for falls overboard, reboarding, propeller strike avoidance and inadvertent engine startup available today.

Our Man Over-Board Alarm System is marine grade, designed with you in mind.    
When you chose MOBAS, you can be confident knowing that your boat or fleet is safer than ever before.

*MOBAS meets or exceeds ABYC standards for Emergency
  Cut-Off Devices (ABYC A-33).
Man Over-Board Alarm System
MOBAS provides "falls overboard" protection for everyone on board. Each person (pets too!) wears a small, durable, reusable transmitter. Upon submersion the transmitter immediately activates— sending a signal to the onboard control module, which sounds an alarm and shuts off the motor.
USCG Propeller Injury Avoidance
Read what the USCG has to say about propeller injury avoidance in this insightful brochure on where the marine industry is headed (PDF 884K).

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