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Sales representatives are the principal point of contact between a business and its customers. Sales reps ensure current customers have the right products and services, identify new markets, customer leads, and pitch prospective customers. In many ways, the face of your company.  Sales representatives may do everything from exhibiting your products, to monitoring the competition, all while maintaining good customer relations and pursuing new sales opportunities.

At Maritech Industry we will strive to be seamless, representing your company and products at Conferences, such as, NASBLA Conference, CRLEA Conference, and Boat Shows, etc.  We are located in Northern California.  We have been involved in House Boating and Power Boats most of our lives.  We have been involved in designing, producing and representing Boating Products since 2000.  We have traveled from north to south Florida, to Louisiana, Kentucky, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, South Dakota, Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, Utah, Oregon and of course, California, representing a Boating Products Manufacturer at Conferences, Boat Shows, Boating Safety & NASBLA  meetings. We have participated in “In Water Shock” research, Safe Boat Reboarding testing by ABYC, and the US Coast Guard, Office of Boating Safety.  If there is an interest in contracting with our company to represent  your company at those meetings, conferences and boat shows, your company might find it advantageous and cost effective.  When you have a need to be represented, consider our services.