Relax and have fun—we've got you covered!

Summer memories are made with the laughter of friends and family relaxing and playing together. Children slipping down a slide into the fresh, clear water of a pristine lake. Uncle Bob Bar-B-Queuing his famous ribs. Waves lap at the sides of the boat as stillness settles over the lake and your world is painted in the vivid color of a fiery sunset. You gaze heavenward and breathe in the cool night air.

With this serene picture firmly in mind why risk even a moment by compromising the safety of anyone on board? The answer is, you wouldn't. Eliminate concerns about a child stumbling out of bed at night and falling overboard or whether Uncle Henry REALLY made sure everyone was out of the water before turning on the motor. Is your boat in tip-top shape?

MOBAS "Man Over-Board Alarm System", Maritech Industry is dedicated to everyone's safety on the water. Maritech’s years of experience in boating safety lead to our current line of safety equipment—equipment that keeps your boating experience fun, safe and unhindered.

Rely on Maritech’s product line to protect you and your passengers. From Captain's Lookout, that keep swimmers away from the boat’s propeller to MOBAS, wireless engine shut off devices that alert you to a falls overboard event, and prevents propeller injury from falls overboard, Maritech Industry has all your safety concerns addressed.
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