Marinas- Workplace Safety

You run a tight ship—even if it is on land.

You manage to coordinate and track hundreds of vessels daily. Your crew keeps maintenance jobs up to spec, rentals clean and ready and the grounds spotless. This is your marina, your docks, you’re waters. So, is it years of experience or just a healthy respect for these waters that causes you to tense every time you hear one of your crew yell out in alarm or a member shout a warning above the din of the marina? Even on the edge of the water you know that safety plays a crucial role in keeping your business up and running…or sunk.

The MOBAS (Man Over-Board Alarm System) for your work boats, Maritech is dedicated to everyone's safety on the water. Maritech’s years of experience in boating safety led to the development of our current line of safety equipment - equipment that keeps your boating experience fun, safe and unhindered.

Rely on Maritech’s products to protect you and your passengers. From MOB-Guards that keep swimmers away from the boat’s propeller to wireless engine shut off devices that alert you to a falls overboard event, Maritech has all your safety concerns addressed.
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