Man Over-Board Alarm System (MOBAS)

Manufactured and sold in the USA
Thanks to MOBAS “Man Over-Board Alarm System", everyone onboard can have falls overboard protection without the problems associated with physical tethers or proximity based devices. Each person, wears a small, durable, reusable transmitter allowing you freedom to move about the boat. Only upon submersion the transmitter immediately activates and transmits a Keelog Coded Signal to the onboard control module, which sounds an audible and visual alarm and shuts off the motor(s). Someone remaining onboard may quickly activate Rescue Mode, restart the motor and safely retrieve the person in the water. It’s that simple!

For ElectronicCountermeasures, the Air Force transmits White Noise to jam radio signals.  That can cause the lose of signal to the Receiver for Proximity Wireless Tethers, thus causing a false activation and stopping your motor.  The MOBAS lose of signal while being jammed by White Noise transmitters, will not shutdown your motor.  The Keelog Security Coded Signal prevents the signal from being scanned and used to shut down your motor.  The Transmitter transmits the Keelog Security Coded Signal with the individual Transmitter Serial Number, {which is a one in a million number}, along with the code hoping technology, you can feel secure that your Unit can't be scanned and used against you nor can an outside transmission of white noise shut down your motors.

From it's development to deployment, MOBAS had your concerns in mind.  MOBAS uses the KeeLog Coding system, which overcomes the problems posed by the Scanner and the Grabber and offers the very highest level of security against unauthorized access to your system.  Maritech's current line of safety equipment-equipment that permits you to devote yourself to the job at hand, free from many of the worries you had previously.

MOBAS is easy to install and MOBAS meets or exceeds ABYC standards for Emergency Shut Off Devices (ABYC A-33). Being ABYC compliant, you can be assured MOBAS will not compromise the safe and normal operation of your vessel or any of its onboard systems. MOBAS will only enhance the level of safety for everyone onboard!

MOBAS is available for all engine configurations. Easy to install and maintain, MOAS should be the first safety enhancement made to your boat. When it comes to protecting your most precious cargo, you can trust MOBAS "Man Over-Board Alarm System".  Those who patrol our waterways will have that hands free protection for falls overboard, allowing them to respond to emergencies without all the pre-checks other systems require.

From entry level to OEM, MOBAS are affordably priced.

MOAS meet or exceed ABYC standards for Emergency Cut-Off Devices (ABYC A-33).

Q. How many transmitters can be used with MOBAS?
A. MOBAS is capable of storing up to 8 transmitters, 50 with additional memory.

Q. How do I get more transmitters?
A. You may purchase more transmitters from your marine factory direct, at your local dealership, or at the boat manufacture.

Q. May I reuse the transmitter?
A. Yes, transmitters may be reused as many times as battery life allows (approximately 2-4 years).

Q. How does the transmitter work?
A. Stainless Steel probes sense the water when it’s submerged. This accumulation of water activates the circuitry and immediately sends a Keelog Security Code radio signal to the control module which responds accordingly.

Q. Does MOBAS compromise the existing kill switch in any way?
A. No, Being ABYC A-33 compliant, MOBAS does not “piggy back” onto the existing kill switch, nor do you take the kill switch out of service. MOBAS simply integrates into the ignition system (in series or parallel) as is the current kill switch.

Q. Why is this important?

A. If you take a device and “piggy back” onto another, you’ve increased the potential to compromise both devices. If one is damaged or fails, both devices will become incapacitated. By properly integrating into the ignition system, you maintain system independence. Both the current kill switch and MOBAS can function as designed, shutting off the motor when activated. This also provides the operator with a redundant (or back up) safety system and maintains the standards by which the boat was built to.

Q. Why did Maritech choose “submersion” over “proximity” based technology?
A. Actually,prior to introducing MOBAS,we tried proximity based technology as a means to shut off a boat’s motor(s). The outcome of our engineering and accident reconstruction reports found “proximity” inconsistent with the normal and safe operation of a boat. To help clarify this, you should know how “proximity” works.

Proximity is based on a frequently pinging signal being sent by a transmitter to a receiver. Loss of that signal will cause the receiver to respond according to its design. This is always associated with distance. We found this acceptable for alarming purposes only, not as a means to shut off a boat’s motor(s). On a boat, loss of a signal could be achieved in many other ways non-conducive to a motor being shut off, such as low batteries or simply compromising line of sight by (i.e. doors, walls, towels, people etc). These scenarios caused numerous false activations.

One other concern was the outcome to our “circle of death” evaluations. Simulating a person in the water, we put a boat into the “circle of death” pattern. Due to the boat remaining close to the victim, signal strength was maintained. Thus, the motor did not shut down placing the victim in a hazardous position.

Q. What about false activations with MOBAS?
A. As with most "proximity" based alarms and/or shut off devices, false activations are very common. All you have to do is block the (always on) signal by a towel, going around a corner, or even by your on board passengers. Also, how many times have you accidently pulled th tether by reaching for something? MOBAS has been designed to eliminate false activations. MOBAS will only activate if you simulate a submersion. Only then will MOBAS shut off the motor and/or alarm. Simulating a submersion may cause an inadvertent activation, but definitely not a false one. However, being ABYC A-33 compliant, you can restart the motor(s) very quickly. Simply go to neutral, press the Rescue Mode switch and start the motor. It's that quick.

Q. What is Rescue Mode?
A. Rescue Mode deactivates the motor shut down circuitry of MOBAS enabling the quick restarting of the engine to recover the person overboard.

Q. What types of motors work with MOBAS?
A. MOBAS may be used with any type of propulsion system.

If you have any other questions, or if we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.
MOBAS Helm Mount (available in any configuration, Customization available):

ITEM #: Description: MSRP:
1000 Single/Dual Outboard System with two (2) Transmitters and External Antenna $519.00
1001 Single In/Out Motor System with two(2) Transmitters and External Antenna $519.00
1010 Transmitter $89.00
1015 External Antenna $54.99
1020 Switch, Rescue Mode $49.00
1025 Cable, Unit to Switch with Motor hookup wire $39.00
1030 Transmitter Refurbishing $39.00
Voltage +12 VDC nominal
Current 13 mA Standby
650 mA In Alarm
Alarm 85dB
Frequency 433 MHz
Dimensions 6.9” L X 3.6” W X 2.1"H
Housing Material Polycarbonate with an O-Ring seal
Signal Strength Line of Sight 200 feet
Installation Approximately an hour
Warranty One (1) year

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