Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue

Your adrenaline surges and you prepare yourself for the job at hand-your crew, the public, rely on you to keep them safe. Your boat pulls alongside, your muscles tense…and you jump.
The last thing you need to worry about is "am I still tethered to the boat". We know you can't be everywhere at once, watching everyone, you need freedom of movement. That is why we've developed products as tough as the job and as dependable as your partner. Now you can focus on what you do best and stop worrying about the safety concerns that have plagued open-water operations in the past-we've got you covered.

Thanks to MOBAS “Man Over-Board Alarm System", everyone onboard can have falls overboard protection without the problems associated with physical tethers or proximity based devices. Each person, wears a small, durable, reusable transmitter allowing you freedom to move about the boat. Only upon submersion the transmitter immediately activates and transmits a Keelog Coded Signal to the onboard control module, which sounds an audible and/or visual alarm and shuts off the motor(s). Someone remaining onboard may quickly activate Rescue Mode, restart the motor and safely retrieve the person in the water. It’s that simple!

For ElectronicCountermeasures, the Air Force transmits White Noise to jam radio signals.  That can cause the lose of signal to the Receiver for Proximity Wireless Tethers, thus causing a false activation and stopping your motor.  The MOBAS lose of signal while being jammed by White Noise transmitters, will not shutdown your motor.  The Keelog Security Coded Signal prevents the signal from being scanned and used to shut down your motor.  The Transmitter transmits the Keelog Security Coded Signal with the individual Transmitter Serial Number, {which is a one in a million number}, along with the code hoping technology, you can feel secure that your Unit can't be scanned and used against you nor can an outside transmission of white noise shut down your motors.

Rely on Maritech’s products to protect you and your passengers from false alarm activations, keeping you safe from the boat's propeller.  From the boat’s propeller to wireless engine shut off device that alerts you to a falls overboard event, Maritech has all your safety concerns addressed.

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