Safety without compromises

Your boat slices through the water effortlessly.

At full throttle time seems to bend and your boat is practically flying. The roar of the wind as it whips across your face, the feeling of the warm sun on your back, the sound and feel of your engine(s) wide open is…exhilarating. The only thing better than experiencing this thrill ride, is to share it with someone else. You look back to check on your passenger and…a heart shuddering realization hits you like a jackhammer—somewhere, they fell out!
Power boating, racing, even casual recreational motoring, is an exhilarating experience. With so many sensations and distractions demanding your attention there is no wonder that events, like the one illustrated above, happen—and happen all too frequently.

From its  MOBAS (Man Over-Board Alarm System), to the dependable MOB-Guard and MOB-Guard Pro, Maritech is dedicated to everyone's safety on the water. Maritech’s years of experience in boating safety led to the development of our current line of equipment—equipment that keeps your boating experience fun, safe and unhindered.

Rely on Maritech’s products to protect you and your passengers. From MOB-Guards that keep swimmers away from the boat’s propeller to wireless engine shut off devices, (MOBAS) that alert you to a falls overboard event, Maritech has your safety concerns addressed.
Each market segment has specific needs. Here are a few of our products and how we have found they solve your specific safety concerns.
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