No motor? No problem!

There is something deeply satisfying in harnessing the wind to propel you and your boat cleanly through the water.

With the sails full of wind, a strong tack to starboard, and the sea spray in your face the horizon seems to beckon and your hand moves the tiller over. Immersing yourself in the experience of sailing is critical—to feel the tides, the wind, and your boat, enables you to bring everyone safely home. With so many other sensations and processes requiring your attention accidents happen—and happen all too frequently. Falls overboard while underway, rough seas, overnight moorings…all are concerns that come with being a sailor.

MOBAS "Man Over-Board Alarm System" will alarm you in a Falls Overboard Event. Maritech is dedicated to everyone's safety on the water. Maritech’s years of experience in boating safety led to the development of our current line of equipment—equipment that keeps your boating experience fun, safe and unhindered.

Rely on Maritech’s products to protect you and your passengers. MOBAS that keeps' swimmers safe from the boat’s propeller to wireless engine shut off devices that alert you to a falls overboard event, Maritech has all your safety concerns addressed.
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